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Uniting Ideas with Solutions Through Code.
Ideas deserve to be realized and that’s exactly what we do; visioneering solutions to fit any requirement.
Our Foundation
Our excellent staff and a network of specialists, combine all the necessary expertise to comprehensively understand any problem, find a solution, and bring that vision to life through code.
You are only as strong as your network. We spend a lot of time keeping up our network and are happy to have such great people we can reach out to. Not only do we draw upon knowledge gained from our vast community of colleagues and clients, we also give back by sharing our passion, research, and knowledge gained through our work.
We love a good puzzle and treat each new project like one. We really listen to you and have a unique way in which we analyze your needs. We make an effort to truly understand your business requirements, and can very quickly feel and imagine your work. Through our expertise and passion for technology devise fresh ideas and the perfect solution to any consulting or development project.
At our core, we are coders. We use this skill to bring life to ideas, to develop innovative solutions, and send awesome applications into the world. We stay at the forefront of the latest technology and have developed good coding practices to produce high quality results that not only run today, but continue to run for years to come. Performance, scalability, maintainability, and self-documentation are in our genes.
Who doesn’t love to tinker? We love technology, are passioned to evolve, and are fed by new ideas; so, we spend a lot of time in our beautiful, high tech, and inspiring innovation center. When we come up with an idea that could benefit our community, we head straight to the lab to research and develop to our hearts content until the work can be shared in the form of an application or tool.
Spice Up R&D provides experienced team members to get you where you need to go. We are available to answer any of your questions, demonstrate solutions and proof of concepts, or simply reinforce your team with additional experienced architects and developers. If you want to add a spark to your project or team, reach out to us.
Custom Development
Let us solve a problem for you. Share your ideas and we will research and develop the perfect solution. We make applications that make your business easier, more efficient, and cost effective. Because of our expertise, we are able to build custom code-based solutions to manage your business data and processes in an agile way, with short iterative cycles, great customer interaction and a phenomenal user experience.
Give back
We are fortunate to be a part of a vibrant and thriving developer community. This community helps us in so many ways, it’s only fitting that we give back as much as we receive. Our team enjoys sharing what we have learned through blogs, videos, conference presentations and webinars. You can find us at developer conferences around the world. If you happen to see us at an event, don’t be shy. We would love to meet you and help you out in any way we can.